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My letter to the World

Today as I left interesting and ongoing discussions on Facebook to (finally!) prepare dinner, a small thought came to my mind, which lead to another – and brought me back to write this down.

A little earlier I had posted a link on my Facebook wall. A link to a video (which isn’t new at all – I just got to see it only today) showing some of the most extremist settlers in the OPT (settlers from Havat Ma’on) disturb Palestinians farmers (means: beat up, threaten, throw rocks…) near “their land” and steal a donkey – which is later found stabbed.


Sick, but, well… , after all they didn’t kill a human, they killed a donkey… (see video below). Even if one cannot see the actual killing, there is no doubt that this video tells the truth. I know the context, I know that “such things” happen daily (uprooted trees, burnt farmlands, villages raided violently in the midst of the night, and what not!).  All these deeds and are “heavily” documented in testimonies, blogs, articles, reports and videos. Easily accessible and clear to understand.

The people who shot this video (in 2008) are from the Christian Peacekeeper Team which has been present in Palestine already for years, and even are less critisized by Israel than the ISM.

You believe me? Ok.

So why does a video about a dead “Palestinian” donkey makes me think so much?

It is cruelty without any purpose towards an innocent, pure creature of God.

It is a simple cruelty against animals ALL humans (normally) condemn.

(Do settlers have cats in their homes? Does Judaism condemn such a senseless slaughter of an animal? The answer is: YES. The guys who are doing this may not have a cat by themselves in their “farm” (made of air-conditioned caravans), but their mothers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers have. Judaism clearly forbids such an act.)

The meaning of this act actually IS clear! There IS a purpose for this act. And there IS a message that all of us understand.

All those who see this video – anywhere in the world and all those who live here (Palestine/Israel) and have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” will understand. And ALL of us should use our mouth to SPEAK, our keyboard to WRITE!

The message is: “THIS is what we’ll do to YOU!”

This is also why they needed to steal a “Palestinian” donkey and act it out. To make the message as strong as possible, although they haven’t dared (so far) to act it out on a human being… Or have they??

When I had closed my laptop to take care of my family, meeting my son made me think of this again. He loves animals. All of us do. For a second I thought of telling him about this video – but then I stopped… He “knows”. He is 15, but he “knows”. He knows that when some of my (and his) friends come “to Israel” to work, they could be killed on the way – while nobody is ever even inquired about it. The friend could disappear into prison for years… He knows. He knows that the settlers steal water from Palestinians, as once he spent a hot summer day (& night) in the house of a Palestinian friend. He knows.

Why should I hurt him more? He is 15, he “knows”, I should rather leave his soul in peace…

But what about Palestinian kids?

Too many boys of his age in Palestine have been beaten, humiliated, imprisoned, raped, killed, gone missing, spat at and…

Enough. It makes me feel sick. It makes me think of Abir Aramin, a “neighbor” and daughter of Bassam who has become a friend. It makes me think of Arab, her elder brother and his “Palestinian Bar Mitzva” Bassam Aramin once wrote about…

Palestinian boys don’t have a right to laugh about YouTube videos like my son. Palestinian boys don’t have a right to be just boys.

And what about those (among us) who – as some say – care more for animals than they care about human beings? What about sending this video not only to “us activists” and people “of conscience”, but to the WWF, National Geographic, publish it on all animal-protection sites?

I am not trying to be cynical. I want to tell the WORLD!

“THIS is what we’ll do to YOU!” – and the world looks away.

Look, Obama, look and see!