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My farewell to mepeace!

I had posted this for the first time on August 1st, 2008 – but recently I decided to try to join again, as I thought that my decision was wrong, that the forum was too one sided and that I wanted to be present as an oppositional Israeli voice to Israels policy of opression and abuse. I “had to” delete this post as a part of a blackmail deal between Eyal Raviv and me – but as I fulfilled his conditions only partly (he requested that I also delete this post on Mideast Youth and with it all the 54 comments attached to it – which I didn’t do…) he banned me from mepeace.org anyway…

I’ll write about all of this asap – and if I agreed to delete “My farewell to mepeace!” on my private Blog it was because I knew that I could re-post it anytime. Exactly what I’m doing now… I had no comments to this post anyway – but I invite you to read the enlightening comments on Mideast Youth!



On mepeace.org I was at first a member under my real name, but after a wave of abuse I had a big fed up and left, deleting my whole profile there, thus deleting all of my posts and comments.

Many friends asked me to stay, to continue to speak out – so I decided to come back as Alice, a nickname I use frequently on the Internet.

Yet, after a while people understood who I am (I have my very personal style of writing) and the abuse continued and increased. I reached a breaking point where I said: NO MORE!! – and decided to leave again and for good, but this time not to delete my profile so as to preserve at least my posts and comments.

Now I go there only to reply to messages and comments on my page, to watch what is going on and hopefully to make some (good) new friends and contact. But I’m no longer posting or commenting there – it drains my energy for no result. My profile is now called “Alice doesn’t live here any more”

I didn’t want to leave unnoticed, so I posted this “discussion” (see here below) to publicly announce why I’m leaving:

My farewell to mepeace!

I’ve been an active member on mepeace.org since I heard about the site presented as a platform for dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis – or at least that’s what I understood at the IPRCI workshop in April 2008. I may have misunderstood it, and I’m sincerely sorry for my mistake (if it was a mistake).

What I see on mepeace is a platform where Jews and Israeli Jews (as opposed to Israeli Arabs) dominate discussions – not matter where they live and how much they actually want peace.

From more than 900 “peacemakers” (as everyone is called on mepeace.org) roughly 50 (maybe) participate at all. Many members have never said a single word. In a little research I did, while I can’t possibly go through the statistics of 900 members, I found at least 100 members (mainly people who’ve joined mepeace a year ago from now) who’ve never said a single word. Some members clearly spread hate.

The most prominent “peacemakers” for us Israelis & Palestinians are Paul Reti from Australia, Yigal D. Kahana from the US, Neri Ba On as the sole Israeli, Max S. from the UK and Elaine Friedman from the US.

Almost NO Palestinian ever participates in discussions, except for Hiba, Wael, Mohammed from Gaza, Abed Khalil, Abeed Quassem, Donna from Jordan, Marwa from Canada and a few others that are not on my friends list and whom I might forget right now. While I appreciate their interventions very much, they don’t make even some kind of equality in weight and interventions on mepeace. They are by the way not even considered as “prominent peacemakers”.

In any case I’ve felt increasingly alone on mepeace.org, and am not prepared to continue my lonely “mission”. 

Therefore, while leaving my profile, I’ll not come back to discuss or post anything else than this – unless I see a significant change and my Palestinian friends tell me that things have changed on mepeace and that THEY feel at ease to discuss there – which I don’t believe will happen anytime soon.

I’ve gone through many disappointments and frustrations ever since I was there, and while many Palestinian members tried actively to support me and asked me to stay, only one Israeli-Jewish member of mepeace ever did anything similar. She’s unknown to most of you.

My conclusion is that while I have been speaking about what I witness here in the country where I live, what I see and hear, events and fact that sometimes (or maybe often) do not make it in to the Israeli media, events and facts that are denied by a big part of the Israeli public, while I try to speak out on behalf of Palestinians whose rights are denied and whose reality and perceptions I happen to understand very well through my personal experiences in the past 2 1/2 years, I have recieved continuous abuse by many “prominent” or less prominent “peacemakers”, while most other “peacemakers” stayed silent.

In my perception, to stay silent while one witnesses other peoples rights being denied and abused is a form of condoning this denial and abuse, as well as making oneself an accomplice of the deniers and abusers.

This goes as much for what is happening in the West Bank, Gaza and even inside of Israel, as well as for what I felt it towards myself. I am not prepared to take abuse alone, without any kind of solidarty from members of whom I know that they witness the same things happening all over the WB, Gaza and Israel.

As I didn’t get this solidartiy and support from my Israel-Jewish friends on mepeace (except for this woman), neither from any other Jews present in this forum, I decided to leave as an active member myself.

Enough! Khalass! Maspik! – make yourself heard if you want to be heard – I’m not going to do this any more on mepeace.org.

I’ll continue to Blog on my private Blogs and write on several websites, I have joined other more supportive (and in my perception: also more honest) networks, and I’ll be more active in real-life grass root movements and projects.

Good bye and many thanks to those who DID support me!


P.S. I closed this “discussion” as I don’t want to discuss about my leaving mepeace, I only wanted to let you all know why I left. Good luck to all!