Alice is not my real name – it’s a nickname I took up in August 2006 in a desperate, naive attempt to escape… I live in Jerusalem since 1995, when I arrived in Israel. It’s been since 2006 that I started to have a good look onto what’s going on the “other side of the Wall”, and I haven’t stopped to think and write about it ever since…


6 responses to “About

  1. Good job, Alice.

  2. Great job, Alice, congratulations from Brazil

    • Thanks a lot… It’s just what I see and know. And I don’t even write that much and post what others wrote. But I’m glad if at least a few people see it! 🙂

  3. make sure that your work is other’s inspiration,
    Love from Rafah.

    • Good to see you are fine, Mr. Arafat! 🙂 — I hope that my, or our work (of all Israeli activists and Bloggers) will indeed be an inspiration for others and help to create a change!

  4. Noel Carroll Wicklow Ireland

    Decent people like you are Israel’s hope for the future.

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