An Israeli Calls for Boycotting Israel

An Israeli Calls for Boycotting Israel. Peace and Blessings, Ellen Rosser

Sent: Wed, December 29, 2010 6:43:34 PM
Subject: Please Boycott Us

I received this e-mail today, about an hour ago from someone I know and trust – a Christian nun called Ellen Rosser. I decided to post this mail and this text as I received it. I don’t know who wrote it, but as I trust Ellen, I trust that what she says (at the end) is true.

I’m thankful for this letter – it’s not my words, but it’s what I think as well. There are still many who doubt that BDS would have a serious impact and be understood by the Israeli public. This may be true – but it will surely be understood by the government… And finally, who knows, maybe even the “public” will start to feel that there is “something wrong”. I hope! I hope it will be implemented and I hope that it will either help to or bring about the REAL change and finally PEACE! – I did not write this text, but I fully agree with it!


Please Boycott  Us!

(By Anonymous)>

For years I have been rather ambivalent about the wisdom of boycotting Israel. While a boycott of  anything related to the illegal settlements in the West Bank, which are a clear derivative of a brutal occupation, is an absolute necessity, and which I have  fully supported, I have always been reserved about the boycotting of Israel  proper. Today I feel that there is no choice but to call for a full and total  boycott directed against Israel – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS). For the good  of Israel and in the hope that blatant pressure from abroad directed primarily at the Israeli economy is the only way to wean Israel from what Thomas Friedman in a recent editorial called “Israel’s crack addiction”. It is the only way to wake Israelis up from their (crack) pipe dream of “business as usual” or the feasibility of maintaining a disastrous status quo that will only lead to more  land grabs, violence and war, ultimately jeopardizing Israel itself. It is the  only way to convince present and future governments that the current situation  is untenable and unviable. It is the only way to save us from ourselves. At this  point in time, Israelis are unable to affect change from within. The atmosphere  has become so poisoned that attempts at the grassroots level to affect political change are insignificant at best, particularly in light of attempts at the legislative level to delegitimize grassroots initiatives and make local NGOs  seeking to advance political change illegal.
The current Israeli government (as well as past governments, whether led by Labor, Likud or the catch all Kadima party) has zero intention of moving forward with negotiations with the Palestinians. They would much rather “manage” the conflict than seek a truly just solution. The continued occupation is having a disastrous effect on  Israeli society as a whole. Human life has
become cheap, a form of Judeo-Fascism  is developing here, led by rabbis, far right politicians in the Knesset and leaders in the occupied Palestinian territory. Jim Crow legislation has been tabled at the Knesset, rabbis have signed calls not to lease or sell property to Arab Israelis, hundreds demonstrate against Arab Israeli neighbors, and recently  a group of minors was arrested for conducting what can only be called POGROMS against innocent Arab citizens in the center of Jerusalem. The poison of the occupation has infected Israeli society as a whole at a level that can only be  diagnosed as gangrenous.
The only way to convince Israelis that the current status quo cannot be continued is to attach a real and significant price to the  continued occupation, and yes, to force local political leaders to take  responsibility, to lead rather than manage, to commit, rather than hide behind spin-doctors or the outright lies of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Anyone who yet rationalizes non-action against Israel is actively contributing to the inevitable use of the only other tool world history has provided for social and  political change: violence!

Please boycott my country today, you are our only hope!

Added by Ellen: The author chooses  to withhold his name for fear of repercussions against his family. The threat is real. Suffice to say that the author is an Israeli academic … While the author is fully prepared to pay the price for his  opinions, there is no reason for his family to suffer. The author can be reached at


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