Monthly Archives: August 2009

Checkpoints – the daily abuse…

Very often I don’t have enough time to read all the articles that I receive through mailing lists, or to watch videos that I hear or read about.

This time I took a moment to watch the video about the Atarot/Bir Zeit checkpoint. Maybe because I’m sensitive to this issue as I’m volunteering at MachsomWatch sometimes. Not as often as I would like to, because THIS is really something that can make a small difference and can help sometimes – even though we all know that what we’re doing is not more than a drop in the ocean.
From my experience and knowledge of what the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) are doing at checkpoints and in the West Bank and Gaza at all, I was NOT surprised by what I saw.

Yet, something is growing in me when I see and hear about abuses like that: … I don’t know how I should call it (and someone said the other day that we’ll have to invent new words for all this), so I’d call it “speechlessness”.

How can one describe such a scene? Horrible? Awful? Disgusting? Shocking? … I think it’s more than all that: it’s deliberate injustice, deliberate abuse that these soldiers and all other members of the IOF commit and know that no one will punish them … And the victims – whoever they are and whatever they have to endure – know that they have NO way to defend themselves, no access to justice – none at all.

Because in Israel (and I feel that it’s happening more and more, or maybe just stronger or more openly), INJUSTICE is now called JUSTICE and what in any other “normal” place would be called “good” has become “bad” (like empathy, compassion…) and what used to be “bad” has become “good” (like beating up a Palestinian for no reason at all). “Right” has become “wrong” and “wrong” has become “right”.

In this sort of mentality literally EVERYTHING becomes possible.

I’m scared…