Al-Aqsa hospital, Gaza City located in the Tel al Huwa neighbourhood of Gaza has been under attack by the Israeli army since 1:30 AM.

It has been hit by shells four times. According to International volunteers at the hospital, the Israeli military has surrounded the building and is preventing anyone from entering or leaving.

The hospital has received over 150 calls for help from people including many children in the surrounding area who have been wounded and are in desperate need of medical care. . The Israeli army has surrounded the hospital and no one is able to get in or out.

No one is able to get to these children.

Please call these numbers

Please contact:

Coordinator of Activities in the Occupied Territories

Tel: +97236975351


IDF Spokesperson

Tel: +97235694508

FAX: +97235694903


Public Requests and Complaints in Ministry of Defense

Tel: +97236975540

Tel: +97236975423

Fax: +97236976711


Ministry of Defense



Requests from the public

Tel: +97235691000

FAX: +97235699400

For more information:

ISM Media Office


Adam Taylor


Neta Golan



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