Another Call for Students trapped in Gaza !!

I reveived in my subsctiption to Gisha News another call for online action to help the students in Gaza get out. I’ve forwarded it to my own friends list and invite you all to do the same.



להודעה בעברית לחצו כאן

لقراءة البيان باللغة العربية, أضغط هنا


I write to ask you to join us in helping hundreds of Palestinian students in the Gaza Strip reach their universities abroad. Since June 2007, Gaza’s borders have been closed, trapping 1.5 million people – including hundreds of talented young people accepted to universities abroad but prevented from reaching their studies. Last year, Israel permitted approximately 500 students and dependents to reach their studies abroad via “shuttle” services, but this year, Israel says that students will not be permitted to leave Gaza – except for a few dozen with prestigious scholarships to Western countries. Hundreds remain trapped, in danger of losing hard-won places at universities all over the world. I refer you to Gisha’s report, “Held Back-Students Trapped in Gaza” (June 2008 ) and Gisha’s Power Point Presentation, “Students STILL Trapped in Gaza” (July 2008).

Today we are launching an online campaign aimed at recruiting international support for the right of Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip to reach their studies abroad. By clicking on the banner above you’ll reach the campaign’s mini-site:

The campaign is accessible in three languages – English, Arabic and Hebrew – and we hope to communicate it via e-mail, social networks, blogs and other websites.

How can you help?
1. Join the campaign by logging on to the mini-site and asking Israel’s leaders to let students in Gaza access education;
2. Spread word of the campaign by forwarding this message to others;
3. Feature the banner on your website or blog. You may choose a banner to download at this link.
4. Click on the mini-site for further action.

Please join us in helping Gaza’s young people exercise their right to freedom of movement and to access education – and to build a better future in the region.

Best Regards,
Sari Bashi
Executive Director
Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement


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